Brinkman Adventures is an exciting radio show that tells true, modern, missionary stories through the eyes of the fictional Brinkman family. Brinkman Adventures is produced by Beachglass ministries, a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to inspiring, motivating and facilitating the next generation of Christian world changers. Brinkman Adventures is currently funded by CD & download sales, and donations from individuals and organizations including businesses, churches, and other non-profits, grants, and foundations.


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Season 1
12 Episodes

What happens when you take the wacky adventures of a big family and mix them with exciting true stories of modern day Christian heroes?  You get a brand new audio drama series called The Brinkman Adventures!  Powerful stories from the lives of real missionaries come to life through the humorous escapades of the Brinkman family.  These adventures will strengthen your faith and family and inspire young and old to follow Jesus wherever He may lead.  The Brinkman Adventures are a treat for the ears, mind, and heart.  So sit back, turn up the volume, and get ready

Season 3
12 Episodes

The Brinkman family returns for another exciting season of missionary stories and family adventures.  From dangerous terrorists and a Taliban jail to threatening wolves and hypothermia, new challenges push our characters to the limit of endurance and force them to face their deepest fears.  Travel the globe from Ecuador to Kashmir and from Africa to Alaska as you listen to these amazing stories and discover God’s wonderful truths.

Season 5
6 Episodes

The Tanzanian mafia gets more than it bargained for when it captures Michelle and Anthony during their honeymoon in Africa.  Back home, Mr. Pennington helps Ian upgrade his robot only to have it escape and follow the family across the country as they head for the Badlands.   Later, the Brinkman kids learn some unforgettable lessons about missions while on a trip to an Alaskan village.   These six well-crafted episodes will stir the imagination and inspire the soul.

Season 2
12 Episodes

The Brinkmans are back with 12 brand new heart-pounding, edge of your seat adventures. When Ian discovers a golden ring at the bottom of Random Lake, the family embarks on a quest for the ring’s owner and gets more than they bargained for.  These exciting episodes take you on a globe-trotting, adrenaline filled journey while telling modern day missionary stories through the lives of the crazy Brinkman family.  Join them as they battle unscrupulous slave owners, flee from Mexican bandits and search for hidden pirate treasure on an ancient Mayan island.  If you’re looking for ‘must listen to’ audio drama, Season Two of The Brinkman Adventures more than delivers!

Season 4
12 Episodes

Season Four of the Brinkman Adventures takes you from houseboats in Cambodia to frozen prisons in Russia and dangerous alleys in the Middle East.  While dodging angry hippos and taming rogue robots, the Brinkmans will introduce you to Christian heroes who will strengthen your faith and provide important teachable moments.  Enjoy over five hours of high definition, heart-stopping audio-drama in the latest offering from the award-winning series.  Inspired by the lives of Dr. Nik Ripken, Carl Ralston, and others, this volume will be cherished and listened to for years to come.