01. The Brinkman Beginnings

   Welcome to the all-new and much anticipated Brinkman Podcast! In this first podcast, we’re chatting about what you can expect from this podcast, how the Brinkman Adventures began, and more about the mission behind Brinkman Adventures. Join us!  

Host: Eric Schilder
Co-hosts: Sarah Bultman & Ian Bultman
Special guest: Pat Roy

Links From This Episode:

 Here you can find the new audio drama that Pat Roy is currently working on; Time Chroniclers

  Pat Roy is the original creator of Jonathan Park, find out more about this awesome radio drama here; Jonathan Park

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Join us for our next episode, where we’ll be speaking about the creation of our first episode; Dangerous Waters. We’ll hear again from Ian Bultman, and learn more about one of the newest products that we’ve launched! You won’t want to miss it!