As soon as our friends from church told us the story of their cat Peppy, we knew it needed to become a Brinkman Adventure. Our writing team met at their house and outlined the story. At the end of our writing session, our team met Peppy, who was a wise old cat by this time.


Peppy a year before he ran away

Just like in the episode, Peppy escaped in November. Some of the neighbors joined in the search, which turned up nothing.They posted signs, set traps, and followed the occasional lead or tip, which all failed to locate their beloved feline. Like the episode, a neighbor called and reported Peppy was dead on the street in front of their house.To the family’s relief, it wasn’t Peppy.


 As our friend prayed and had his devotions, the number 40 caught his attention. He searched for more occurrences of the number 40 in the Bible. After doing this, he felt strongly that Peppy would come home in 40 days. He was convinced this thought was from God. And sure enough! Peppy arrived in the garage on Christmas Eve, the 40th day since he escaped.

The family on Christmas, the day after Peppy came home

After recovering from frostbite, Peppy, who suffered from a mild case of PTSD, lived many more years.

Peppy in 2018, ten years after he came back


Peppy’s Footprints

We thought this would be a great episode to bring back some of our favorite characters. In 2022, we met James Arnold Taylor (JAT), a voice-over artist who has played many roles,  ranging from Fred Flinstone to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Disney’s Clone Wars. We were honored to have JAT join our cast this year and help us bring back Sid Thompson after a long hiatus. JAT played characters in two other episodes this season: Divine Disruptions and Operation Solomon.