Some family friends with whom we gather maple sap every year gave us a copy of the book She Is Mine by Stephanie Fast. We felt that telling this story through Brinkman Adventures would highlight something dear to the Lord’s heart- caring for orphans.  

It took us four or five years after reading the story to produce it finally. These are the first two of our episodes written by a good friend, Darby Kern. 

Darby is the creator of The Jake Muller Adventures and has written episodes for Kids Corner. He also wrote the kid’s radio version of Left Behind

Darby has been involved with the Brinkmans for several years. First, he spent time with our creative team on a writing retreat and helped to brainstorm episodes. A couple of years later, after Ian finished writing “Giver and the Gift,” Darby edited the script and added some fun elements. He did the same for the Freedom episodes. Darby wrote these two episodes based on Stephanie Fast’s book She is Mine.

Below is the book trailer:

This is a great video giving more details about the story:

Stephanie and her husband, Darryl, continue to minister to abandoned kids. Visit the ministries website by clicking here, and Stephanie’s personal site by clicking here

We strongly encourage you to purchase and read the book She is Mine available on their sites. 

Stephanie speaks around the world. Below is one of her talks: