04. Palm Feller

In this episode, we are again joined by Glen Chapman. Glen Chapman’s story was featured in Season 4’s Mysterious Palm Feller. Glen and his wife, Rita, serve in a remote part of the Congo. They run a Bible school that trains villagers to be pastors. Glen also travels from village to village sharing the Gospel and showing the Jesus film. Join us as Glen goes deeper into the spiritual battle raging in the heart of the Congo. He explains the devastating effects of sorcery and relives the day he took a stand against the darkness and saw a witchdoctor’s life transformed.  

Host: Eric Schilder & Sarah Bultman
Co-host: Ian Bultman

Special Guest: Glen Chapman

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To read more about Glen Chapman and to see photos from his ministry click here

Join us next time as we hear from Dave Eubank a former Green Beret in the Special Forces who is now a missionary.  Dave founded the Free Burma Rangers which trains mobile emergency relief teams and saves lives in the conflict zones of Burma and beyond.