05. Dave Eubank

Can God use a warrior?
In this episode, we’re joined by Dave Eubank, a former Green Beret and captain in the Special Forces, now leader of the Free Burma Rangers. Dave’s story is featured on the brand new Season 6 of Brinkman Adventures. Join us as we learn more about the culture in Burma and delve deeper into the heart and mission of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR)!

Host: Eric Schilder
Co-hosts: Ian Bultman & Sarah Bultman
Special Guest: Dave Eubank

Links From This Episode:
To learn more about FBR visit their website here.

To see Dave Eubank speak more about the Free Burma Rangers, take a look at this video!
Visit our Behind the Stories page for more details about Dave and his family.

Join us next time, as we hear again from Dave Eubank and discover how he is lead moment by moment through life-threatening situations and why his wife and children minister with him in conflict zones. 


Dave Eubank