08. Composing a Radio Drama Score w/ Jared DePasquale

In this episode we’re joined by one of our composers, Jared Depasquale!  Hear Jared speak about the process of composing themes and what the most difficult scene to compose was in the episode, Dutch Underground. We hope you’re as fascinated as we are by the beautiful art of composing!

Links from the Episode:

-To hear more of Jared’s work and learn about his business, visit his website! jareddepasquale.com 

-Jared has composed the following episodes; Heart Song, Cambodian Quest, Remember Nhu, War of the Raccoons, Lying Dinos, Mafia Mania, What Brings Us Together, Paradise Lost, Dutch Underground 1 & 2 and Free Burma Rangers. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful music compositions that he put together for these episodes!