32. Gospel Patrons


Behind every significant Gospel movement there has been a behind the scenes group of people hidden from view. They are business people who aren’t called to full-time ministry yet want to make a significant impact in the world for Christ. John Rinehart calls these people Gospel Patrons. Join us as John recounts the story of a cloth merchant who made the daring decision to give the world an English Bible and a small group of woman who God used as Gospel Patrons for His own Son.

Do you have a heart for missions but are not called to the mission field? Are you good at making money? If so, this podcast may be for you! You could be the next Gospel Patron the world is waiting for!

This episode was based on The Calling from Brinkman Adventures Season 1.

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To learn more about John Rinehart visit the Gospel Patrons website https://www.gospelpatrons.org/

To download the free audio or digital copy of the book Gospel Patrons visit this website and navigate to the bottom of the page.