LIFE Study (Workbook & DVD)


The LIFE Study helps us look at what the Bible teaches about different areas of our lives, and helps us apply those Truths in a practical way.  The areas explored through this study include: success, financial, career, family, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. The LIFE Study is a tool for real world, practical discipleship to encourage living intentionally in every area of life, reflecting the love and light of Christ into a world that is dark and without hope.

I-TEC is an organization that is focused on creating tools and training systems to empower indigenous (local) Christ-followers around the world to care for the felt needs of people in their own community. Churches across North America spend a lot of time, talent, and resources on the mission fields overseas, but it is easy to only think of a third-world country when we think of missions. The truth is, we have all been called to the mission field. For some it will be overseas, others it will be to go across the street, but we are all called to go (Matthew 28:19-20). I-TEC’s LIFE Focus is developing tools for discipleship and walking His Trail in all areas of life. The LIFE Study will help you take an honest assessment of your life and ask who is really writing my story? Remember, God does not want to be the editor, He wants to be the Author.

*Includes 1 LIFE Study DVD with 9 videos, and 1 LIFE Study Workbook.


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