Season 7 – Audio CDs


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Includes the following episodes:

61 Campground Caper
62 Sunrise Setback
63 Operation Mosul
64 North Dakota Gold
65 What Is IFOSuD?
66 Saving Wimples

Join Dave Eubank and his Free Burma Rangers as they rescue survivors hiding in the war-torn city of Mosul, Iraq. Then follow the Brinkman kids as they search for a thief and saboteur while learning important life lessons. Season 7 of the Brinkman Adventures continues to deliver off-the-chart excitement, laughter, and life-changing drama.

Season 7

Play Title Theme Theme Featuring/Region
061 Campground Caper Truthfulness Brinkman Family, USA
062 Sunrise Setback God is in Control Eubank Family, Iraq
063 Operation Mosul Greater Love Eubank Family, Iraq
064 North Dakota Gold True Riches Draxton Family, USA
065 What is IFOSuD? With God Nothing is Impossible. Josué Cesar, Haiti
066 Saving Wimples Being a Light for Jesus Brinkman Family, USA

*Names have been changed

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