Season 8 – Audio CDs


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Includes the following episodes:

67 The Expert
68 Wild Boys & Wild Tigers
69 The Wild Way
70 Rescue the Captors, Part 1
71 Rescue the Captors, Part
72 Grudge Tree

While attempting to send his robot to space and back, Ian uncovers a fifty-year-old secret. Later, he and Isaac get more than they bargained for while visiting the Wild family deep in the jungle highlands of Papua, Indonesia. Season 8 of Brinkman Adventures is an exciting journey for the entire family.


DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS:   Link will be e-mailed to address supplied when payment clears.  Episodes may be played on portable devices (phones/tablets) but must first be downloaded onto computer, and then synced with device.  (Portable devices are unable to extract zipped files).  Check spam folder if e-mail doesn’t appear shortly after ordering.

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