Season 1


Episode 1: Dangerous Waters, Part 1


The family which the Brinkmans are based on currently has 10 children. (There were seven when episode one was written.)



Jack actually did work as a commercial fisherman, but his boat never sank.The family never received a huge insurance check.

Kitri loves pigs, but in real life she does not own a pig.

Michelle hopes to get that ’66 mustang one day.

Charlie really does love raspberries.

Dave & Barb Anderson did plan a trip to the Russian Far East, however the real Brinkmans did not go.

A lady did in fact contact Dave Anderson with a fear that their trip to Russia would end in a tragic plane crash.

Michelle actually does play organ & piano for church. Click here to see a home video of them singing together for a Christmas Eve church service. (video is a bit shaky as Ian was filming and was just learning how to use a camera)

Kate plays the bass guitar.

Jack leads singing at his church and his girls assist with the music.

Susan really would like a maid for a year. Until then, the Brinkman kids are learning to clean up after themselves.

Episode 2: Dangerous Waters, Part 2


Here are some fun facts from episode 2

The Andersons took a trip in 1994 to the Russian Far East. They spent several days in Lavrentiya distributing food, Bibles, and medical supplies.


In Dangerous Waters, only one plane went to Russia.  There were actually three planes that made the journey. A group from Soldotna Bible Church accompanied the Andersons to help with the distribution and the meetings.


The three planes dropped the missionaries off in Russia and then returned to the United States. They returned at the end of the week to pick up the missionaries.  The kids of the village loved the missionaries.


The song ‘He’s got the Whole World In His Hands’ is an actual recording of Dave & Barb Anderson.


The townspeople crowded into the theatre for the nightly meetings.


The character of Anna is based on a real person named Rosa. Rosa really did lead the communist party.  Years earlier her granddaughter was killed by a drunk driver.  One of the missionaries who visited with the Andersons  also lost a 7 year old daughter the year before coming to Russia.


(Dave & Barb referred to this trip in episode one while in the Brinkmans’ livingroom.) When Rosa stood and asked how a loving God could allow her innocent granddaughter to die like that, the missionary shared his similar story.   This had a huge impact on Rosa.   Later she submitted her life to Christ and was baptized by Dave.

There really was a pharmacy intern who said ‘you say and you do. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. I believe what you say because you do.’  This man accepted Christ as a result of the Anderson’s visit.

There was also a guard assigned to the Andersons.  We named him Ivan, and he too was impacted by the missionaries.

To connect with the real Dave & Barb Anderson, visit their website  There you can find additional information on the rescue.

Episode 3: Dangerous Waters, Part 3


The Flight back…


The Anderson’s really did run out of fuel on their way back from Russia. The real story is actually even more amazing than the audio drama. The story was simplified for the audio drama. Here are some interesting facts from Episode 3.

They ran out of fuel approximately 10 miles from Sledge island.  The picture below is of the plane a few days before the accident.


The fact that Air traffic control was able to contact Terry Day (Phillip Hay in Dangerous Waters) who was flying overhead was a small miracle in itself.

Terry remembered seeing what he thought was a whale and turned around to investigate.

After several passes, a passenger spotted wreckage.

When Terry began to run low on fuel, There just ‘happened’ to be another plane in the vicinity who took over circling the survivors.

Normally there are not two helicopters in Nome. Furthermore, the helicopter that rescued Barb had been waiting for two weeks to fly as the weather had been terrible. The weather cleared the day of the rescue.


Normally the wind would come from a different direction. Had this been the case, the swells would have been too big for the helicopters to assist.

The rescuers had to hang onto the landing rails (skids) and pick up the survivors out of the water as the helicopters were not equipped with floats.   In some cases the pilots had the landing gear and bottom of the helicopters buried in the water in order to rescue the survivors.

The group clung to empty 5 gallon fuel cans. Without these, they would not have survived.

The pilot, Dave Cochran, was 70 years old.

Brian Basher (Bob) was in the water for 70 minutes!  Medically he should not have survived.

Carrie’s (played by Michelle) children were actually praying for the group at about the time of the accident.

There have never been survivors from a plane crash in the Bering Sea.  In this case, all seven were saved.


This picture is of Dave Cochran being transferred from helicopter to ambulance.

There were many ‘links’ in the chain of this rescue. Had one link been broken, the group would not have been rescued. Some have called this story the most amazing air/sea rescue ever!

The air traffic controllers in the audio adventure were played by themselves. Dave Anderson secured the actual voice recordings through the Freedom of Information Act.  Click here to listen to ‘Rescued By The Hand Of God‘, told by Dave Anderson and broadcasted on Focus On The Family.

There are many more true elements to this episode. To get the entire story,  There you can see more pictures, video and news clippings.

To e-mail Dave & Barb Anderson, visit their ministry website

Episode 4: Carjacked!


Jack’s sister Sarah has really served as a missionary in Africa.  Most recently she worked with  Currently she is residing in the States working with the Brinkman Adventures and going on short-term mission trips.


Aunt Sarah clearing the bush around an orphan home in Zambia

It really is a custom in South Africa for the groom to provide cows to his future bride’s family. The number of cows is negotiated between the groom and the bride’s family.

The carjack boss asked for change for a 3 rand coin even though that particular coin doesn’t exist (there are only 1, 2 and 5 rand coins). Raymond, Gawie and Steve didn’t realize it until afterwards.

When the carjackers asked for the PIN numbers for the guy’s bankcards, they obeyed and surrendered their authentic PIN numbers. The carjackers also asked for their addresses, and the guys gave them their correct addresses. Every piece of information they gave the carjackers was truthful.

Gawie really did begin to tell the carjackers about Jesus right after they were captured – and Raymond really did tell him to stop. And Steve did, in fact, fall asleep!

The conversation between Raymond and Themba (the young carjacker) truly happened as did the conversation between Gawie and Themba’s boss. Themba actually did explain the gospel to his boss and also asked the missionaries to pray for him as heard in the story.

It was not the police that were chasing the carjackers, but rather the taxi owners who had their own guns and were pursuing the carjackers.

Gawie didn’t realize it, but when he asked the boss what he’d say to Jesus if he died that night, the boss was scared.  He knew that the taxi owners were searching for him and there was a very real possibility that he could end up dying that very night.

Gawie did have to ask the carjackers for permission to go to the bathroom (and so did Raymond later on).

After spending about 15 minutes searching for the car keys, Raymond finally prayed asking the Lord to help him find the keys, and as soon as he finished praying, he reached out right where he was standing and felt the keys hanging on a branch. The grass in the spot where the car was hiding was chest-high, and in some places, even over the heads of the missionaries.


Raymond on the keyboard

The carjackers had siphoned most of the gas out of the taxi, but there was enough to get the three missionaries to a gas station. And even though the carjackers had taken all of their money, Steve reached into his pocket and found enough money to buy two liters of gas – just sufficient to take them to Raymond’s house!

Gawie (left) and Raymond (right) at a baptism service.

Care to contact Raymond, Gawie or Sarah?  They would love to hear from you!




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Episode 5: Aunt Sarah


Aunt Sarah really was a missionary to South Africa.  Most recently she worked with an orphanage organization named Love’s Door 4 All Nations.  She currently works with Brinkman Adventures and goes on short-term mission trips.

Aunt Sarah really forgot her passport and the bus stopped due to a water leak.

After the bus stopped, her friend caught up was able to give Sarah her passport!

Zambia is officially a Christian nation that welcomes missionaries. Many people suffer from extreme poverty and AIDS. They are overjoyed when they receive a Bible in their own language.

Sarah and Sydney with a lady from the village

Sarah’s actual team was led by Sydney and Thandi, and along with Sarah, there were five other members: Kyle, Shannon, Eric, Willy and Mnoza. Their outreach was sponsored by All Nations, a church planting organization in South Africa.


The team on an outing. 

This is a picture of sweet Juliette.  The other children picked on because she was from a different tribe. She never fought back and always treated others with kindness.

Two people actually gave their lives to the Lord the first week of the team’s visit.

The villagers thought the missionaries were Satanists because three people they had contact with “went crazy”. In reality, two of these people were dealing with ongoing mental illnesses which became worse, and the other person had actually overdosed on drugs. The team never saw these three people again, but prayed that God would intervene in their lives.

Aunt Sarah was angry at the villagers for the way they treated the team.  When she spent time in prayer, she believed the Lord told her that she was right, that the people were not treating them well, and she could stay angry…

OR she could choose to have His heart of love for them. She told Him she wanted His heart, and from that moment, all the anger disappeared and she was filled with His love for them.

Juliette really was the first person to receive the team back after everyone had rejected them.  She led the way for the other kids to trust the missionaries.

There was an actual rumor that someone had hit Aunt Sarah in the head with a rock.

The song Aunt Sarah sang while in the little building was “Jesus, All for Jesus” by Robin Mark.


Thandi before they went on the outreach

The verse you hear Thandi reading is 1 Peter 1:6-9, the verse that God brought to Sarah’s mind while they were trapped in the building.

It’s true that for 20 years, the village had been accusing missionaries of being Satanists.
  They would burn any Bibles or other gifts given to them.

The Chairman really did thank the team for staying and continuing to share the Gospel, helping to break the pattern of lies about missionaries. He also added that there were fewer problems at the bars and fewer arrests when they were there.  By the end of the trip, he wanted them to come back.

Please pray for Aunt Sarah.  Ask God to give her His love for the people she serves.  Also ask for His blessings and strength as she obeys Jesus.  If you’d like to write her, she would love to hear from you!  Her e-mail address is:

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Episode 6: Laid Off


Jack states, “God used this trip to change my life.” In eleventh grade, Ian (the ‘real’ Jack) spent the summer with Missions Outreach, Inc. in Papua New Guinea, and there God developed in Ian a love for missions and a desire to serve Him. In fact, the next two episodes are based on this very trip!  This ministry was very similar to Teen Missions International.  Click here to find out more about this type of short term experience.

While serving at a beautiful Bible School in Alaska (called Alaska Bible Institute), Ian and Amy had very little money, which was a tremendous challenge to their faith.



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One day while shopping, their baby, Alyssa, fell out of the shopping cart. Ian believed she had broken her collar bone but didn’t want to take her to the emergency room because they were almost out of money. One of Ian’s fellow teachers reminded him of the story of the manna and how God provided for the Israelites daily. He encouraged Ian and Amy to use the funds they had to care for their daughter and trust the Lord to provide for their needs tomorrow. This important lesson stuck with the Bultmans and finds its way into this episode.  If you want to find out more about Alaska Bible Institute (ABI) click here.

When they were kids, Ian’s siblings were playing the board game Operation. His brother, Nate, came up with an interesting way to play. Instead of using tweezers to remove a game piece, he sucked a piece out with a straw – and inhaled it! Later Nate also got a pea stuck up his nose – or was it in his ear? These two incidents were combined in “Laid Off.” 
Jack and Susan go on a date in this episode Ian and Amy still have regular date nights while the older girls watch their younger siblings. This consistent time together helps to keep their marriage strong.

Ian grew up in a large family with ten siblings. His dad (Opa) did these sorts of things to save money. Of course, they are exaggerated a bit in this episode!

The kids sell little pea-ple made from dried peas and toothpicks. This never really happened but is based on a different story. Once Ashley and Michaela (Kate & Kitri) wanted a slippery slide. Their parents were not willing to buy one so the girls asked if they could sell drawings to earn money. Ian & Amy agreed thinking the girls were not serious. The next thing they knew, the kids had set up a stand at the end of the driveway and were selling hastily drawn pictures to poor unsuspecting pedestrians and neighbors. Within an hour they earned enough for their slippery slide.

guitar pillow

Ian’s dad played run around the pillow with his kids growing up. Now the Bultman kids enjoy this simple game (until someone gets hurt). It works like this. Dad plays guitar and sings ‘Run around the pillow, run around the pillow, run around the pillow, run run run’. While dad sings, the kids run around a pillow in the center of the room. The verb is then substituted with crawl or fly or hop etc. and the kids proceed to crawl or pretend fly, or hop etc… around the pillow. Then animal names are substituted for run. The kids especially love ‘bear around the pillow’ so they can chase and roar at each other as they crawl on all fours. Dad’s favorite is sleep around the pillow.


Believe it or not, the phone story really happened (well sort of). Here’s what really happened. Ian was talking on the phone with Michael Landers, the actor who plays Jack Brinkman. He dropped the phone and a car ran over it, crushing it. One of the speakers was missing and wires protruded from the side. Ian put the battery back in just to see what would happen, and the phone powered up! He dialed Michael’s number and, much to his surprise, Michael answered! Ian continued using that phone for several more months. The ring sounded funny, but the phone worked fine. And stay tuned… this incident plays an even bigger role in upcoming episodes.

Episode 7: Papua New Guinea, Part 1


This episode it based off the Ian Bultman’s experiences while on a short term trip to Papua New Guinea.  This occurred between his 10th & 11th grades.

This episode also talks about adoption.  Issac suspects he was adopted and attempts to prove this to his sister.  We wanted to encourage adopted children and parents through this episode.

Ian’s parents did not send a sibling along on the trip.


Ian was in Papua New Guinea for two months.

The organization, located in Missouri was called Mission Outreach Inc., and was very similiar to TEEN MISSIONS.

teen wall

This picture is courtesy of Teen Missions


Visit their website to learn more about short term mission trips.

The Quantas 747 in which Ian and his team flew into Papua New Guinea had a very hard landing due to the short runway.

Nationals in traditional dress did in fact stop the truck, push the driver down the hill and drive off with the team!


Episode 8: Papua New Guinea, Part 2


The carjacking by the villagers was a joke played by the missionaries on the team.  Undoubtedly, those on that trip will never forgot the greeting.

The team arriving to the base after the fake kidnapping. This is after they found out it was a joke. 

Ian made a friend whom he led to Jesus at the end of the summer.  This was one of the highlights of the trip.

Ian with some of his friends he made.

In this episode Michelle realized that her love for the people of New Guinea needed to start with her love for her sister Kate.  Sometimes people think they can go over seas and love people from a different culture without loving their own family.  If we don’t love our own family, our mission work will be in vain.

In the real story, Ian worried about meeting a cassowary.  The only one he saw was a pet, kept in a cage.  We thought it would be fun to add a cassowary to the story to make the episode a little more fun!  Click here to watch an a video of a cassowarys chasing someone.  (Warning:  Parents, the man escapes, but the video will be troubling for younger viewers.)

God created the structure on the cassowary’s head for making it’s booming call much like what we see in dinosaur fossels.  Click here for the National Geographic story on the subject, and click here to listen to a very interesting podcast about the cassowary.  If possible, listen to it through good speakers, as the cassowary call is very low.

There was a pig chase in the real story, and yes, Ian did fall into the old out-house hole. However he did not become ill.

Ian jumping over the out-house hole, the day after he fell in.

Ian was in fact able to see a bird of paradise on this trip.  To see a video of the blue bird of paradise, click here.

We wanted to address the issue of adoption and point out the beauty of adoption.  While this portion was dramatized, many kids (including some in Ian’s own family) wonder if they were adopted and not told.  This episode encourages kids to ask their parents these types of questions rather than wondering.  Isaac thought being adopted would make him special.  This episode points out that it doesn’t matter whether or not we were adopted, we are all special!

Episode 9: The Provider


This episode is another story based off one of Ian’s adventures.  Ian & Amy attended Alaska Bible Institute which is located in Homer Alaska, the year after getting married.

Jamins Homer

 The view from the Bible School.

Ian & Amy (Jack & Susan) in their 300 sq. ft. home on campus.

Below is an interactive map of the campus.  Use the arrows on the side to zoom out and explore Homer.

View Larger Map

Many times they had moose come to visit.  In fact, one time a moose walked into their house, but that story will have to wait for another adventure.

Moose are all over the campus of ABI

In Homer many people commercial fish during the summer.  Ian really fished on a boat called the Armageddon, captained by Mark Edens.

The episode Provider is based on a real herring season in the 90’s.   God provided for the many families involved that year.  A number of them were in the ministry serving as a missionary or pastor.  And some were Bible school students heading into the ministry.  The crew was struck by how all the wives encouraged them to return to Port Moeller.  This was not normal!  Wives almost always want their husbands to come home after being gone for a month.

Fish only appeared in Port Heiden that one year.  Never before then, nor after has their been a fishery in that shallow bay.  This story was an example of how the same Jesus of 2000 years ago once again intervened in the lives of fishermen.


Jerry and his son

One day the boats stopped traveling to rest.  Ian, Jerry and Jerry’s son went fishing and caught supper.


The “God Squad” would tie up and go to shore together

The Christian fishermen were called the ‘God Squad’ by the rest of the fishing fleet.  Besides the Armegeddon & Millennium, the other boats in the God Squad were ‘Good News’, ‘Redeemer’, ‘Shiloh’, & ‘Eternity’ & ‘Lady Ann’.  While waiting for the herring to show up the group would often tie their boats together.  In the picture above, the tide was out and the boats were ‘high and dry’.  The crews would walk to shore for adventures, returning before the tide prevented them from getting back on the boats.  At least one Brinkman adventure could be written about those days wandering the lonesome beaches!

Jerry scooping herring out of the Armageddon

In Moeller, Mark made a twenty ton set using sonar.  The picture above shows Mark watching Jerry brail (scoop) herring out of the Armageddon’s net with the aid of a hydraulic winch being run by Jerry’s father.


The Millennium was one of the fastest purse seiners in the fleet.  On a good day she was able to get on step, meaning she would skim across the top of the water, greatly inreasing her speed.

Jerry the owner of the Armageddon 

Jerry actually designed the hull and had the boat built to his specifications.  The Armageddon was Jerry’s first boat.  In this episode Mark was operating the Armageddon for Jerry while he ran the Millennium.  The Good News and Lady Ann used the same hull mold, as did a number of other Alaskan fishing boats.

Ian, Raymond and Captian Mark Edens pose after their amazing catch.

After making it’s first huge set in Port Heiden, the crew of the Armageddon completely filled a tender.  It was so full that it became stuck on the bottom of the bay.  The fishermen had to wait for the tide to rise so the boat could get back out to deeper water and another tender could pump out the rest of the fish.


Ian fixing the net

While waiting for the tide to come back in, Ian walked out on the mound of fish and mended the net on top of some cardboard!  He is standing on top of about seventy tons of herring in this picture.


The Provider

The Millenium and Armageddon completely filled this tender with herring!  Through this fishing trip, Ian and Amy learned that God is truly the Provider.  He is not a distant God, but one who loves to be involved in the affairs of men.  And through this trip His name continues to be glorified!

Sometimes herring sets are so big they can flip the fishing boat.  In the movie ‘Nemo’ the fish sounded.  That means the entire school dove at the same time.  Recently one of the Christian fishermen was fishing for herring.  His brand new boat ‘Infinite Grace’ nearly sank when the massive school sounded.  Tom Stafford saved his boat but not his set.  If you look closely you can see Tom perched on the edge of his boat.


Tom Stafford trying to save his boat after the herring in his net sounded.

Episode 10: Unity Bridge, Part 1


Ian is actually the oldest of eleven kids who are all following the Lord.  He has no older sister….  Aunt Veronica and Lucas were created to add some excitement and intrique to these adventures.

Seth and Anya and Luke are actual people.  They are friends with the Fader family who are real missionaries in Sudan.  One day Ian was working on the Brinkman Adventures on his laptop in the front yard.

Seth came over and Ian asked him if he knew of a good missionary story for the Brinkmans Adventures.  Seth told Ian about their friends the Fader family.  Seth and Eli had attended Moody Bible Institute together.  Below are a couple picture of Eli, Bethany and the kids.

unitybridgeelibethany   unitybridgeeliquad


God orchestrated a number of incredible things in the production of these two particular episodes.  The first occured early in the process.  A writing team worked on the outline for the story.  They decided that to make the things a little more exciting, there should be a bad guy.  So the character of Ahmad was born.  Four days later, in his office, Ian began working on the script.  (The team wrote the outline from which Ian would write the actual script)  Because Ahmad was fictional he felt he needed Eli Fader’s permission to add this to the story.  As Ian sat at his desk, his computer made a funny noise.  Eli Fader had just come online using Skype.


Ian knew the Faders were in Sudan.  For this to happen they needed to be using a Satellite phone and generator to get on Skype.  Ian had never seen this happen.  The only time he had ever seen them on Skype was months earlier at pre-arranged time when the Faders were in a Hotel in another country with internet.  He quickly instant messaged Eli.  Below is a portion of the conversation that followed.    God did an amazing thing that day by connecting his people across the world for a moment, for his work.

[2/5/10 11:38 AM] Ian: Hey Eli, you there?
[2/5/10 11:39 AM] Bethany: This is Bethany, but let me get Eli.
[2/5/10 11:39 AM] Ian: Thanks!
[2/5/10 11:40 AM] Eli: ok, here
[2/5/10 11:40 AM] Ian: Hey Eli!
[2/5/10 11:40 AM] Eli: what do you got?
[2/5/10 11:41 AM] Ian: I’m sitting here working on the story at the moment.  Our team met on Tuesday.  One thing they want to include is a national who is against the bridge being built.  He would be an antagonist who in the end turns.
[2/5/10 11:41 AM] Ian: We’d need to create this fictional character but before we do that I wanted to run the idea by you.
[2/5/10 11:42 AM] Eli: hmm, we actually have one
[2/5/10 11:42 AM] Ian: That’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you.
[2/5/10 11:42 AM] Eli: he still won’t cross the bridge
[2/5/10 11:42 AM] Ian: Your kidding!
[2/5/10 11:42 AM] Eli: ok, get ready for a weird story
[2/5/10 11:42 AM] Ian: Shoot
[2/5/10 11:43 AM] Eli: in the early 50s and 60s, SIM worked in this area among the Coma tribe
[2/5/10 11:43 AM] Eli: One of the main men who converted and worked with them was named Waysa
[2/5/10 11:43 AM] Eli: SIM was then asked to leave during the war and we haven’t been back until 2007
[2/5/10 11:44 AM] Eli: Well, Waysa is an old man now and during the war he converted to Islam and is now the paramount chief in this area
[2/5/10 11:44 AM] Eli: He is called an Oomda
[2/5/10 11:45 AM] Eli: So, Oomda Waysa, who once was working with us, has been fairly antogonistic to everything we have tried to do from building schools to roads to bridges (that makes it sound like we do a lot of work…we don’t do that much)
[2/5/10 11:45 AM] Ian: I see…
[2/5/10 11:45 AM] Eli: Well, he didn’t like our boat and forbade the Coma people from crossing on it, even though it was the only way to get to the hospital and market
[2/5/10 11:46 AM] Eli: I remember forcibly taking a lady who had a hip infection across because others wouldn’t take her because Oomda had told them not to
[2/5/10 11:46 AM] Ian: wow



The conversation continued for a few more minutes with Eli providing important details which would later be used in the episode.  Then, as suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared, the connection lost.  Bill Gothard defined a miracle as a natural or supernatural event with supernatural timing.  This reminded Ian and the team that they were not doing this alone.  The One who had inspired the Brinkmans, was also helping them create the show.  (Want to read about how the Brinkman’s came about?  Click hereto read for the story)

Ian also experienced the Lord’s provision in the production of these episodes.  We strive for the most accurate sound design in the Brinkman Adventures.  When we take the listener to a location, we want it to really sound like that location.  The picture below is from us gathering sound effects for Dangerous Waters in Lake Michigan.  The water was about 40 degrees, demonstrating our committment to authenticity.  (Or our insanity…)

Everything from the sound effects to the music needs to accurately depict that region.  So as Ian began working on the sound design for the Unity Bridge episodes, he searched for sources of Sudanese village audio recordings.  He looked for several weeks to no avail.  Then, one day while sitting in his office, he prayed in desperation ‘Lord, help me find some sound effects from a village that is at least close to the region of Yabus Sudan.  Instantly God gave Ian an idea:  “do a youtube search for the word yabus sudan”.  Ian had done plenty of Sudan Youtube searches, just not one so specific.  He typed in Yabus Sudan and up came several videos.  As he watched them he couldn’t believe his eyes.  These videos were not only from the region of Yabus, they were from the very village!  One video even showed Eli Fader!  A couple years earlier someone had visited Eli & Bethany, and posted their videos up on YouTube.  Ian e-mailed Eli who connected him with the author of the video named Tim Deller.  Tim gladly sent Ian the original files which provided ample audio recordings for the Unity Bridge episodes.  Would you like to watch a couple of the videos?  Click here to see the first village video from Tim that Ian found.  Click here to see people crossing the river during the dry season (before the bridge).

Phillip Greene was the person actually responsible for designing the bridge.


The Fader & Greene family partnered with Bridges to Prosperity to create this bridge.

In this episode Jack and Susan see a rainbow circling the plane and this comforts Jack who is still a little uncomfortable about flying in a small plane.  This story is based off an account in the Fader’s blog.  One of the missionary planes had crashed.  Everyone survived, but shortly after when missionary needed to use the same plane, she was a little nervous.  While flying she saw the rainbow and it reminded her of God’s promise and how He was in control of the situation.  We recorded this scene with Jack and Susan.  During the sound design phase, Ian was looking for a good airplane recording, but wasn’t sure of the type of plane.  Around that time Tim Deller sent Ian his files.  He also suggested Ian watch his friend Lorian Matheson’s videos on Youtube as she had been to the village also.  Click here to watch the video that caused Ian’s jaw to drop.

Needless to say, Ian used the audio from that video.  Not only did the Lord provide an accurate recording of the plane, He provided the audio from when the event actually took place!  Isn’t God amazing?!

In Unity Bridge Part 1 the garage burns down.  We hint that perhaps Ahmad started the fire.  In reality, a child of one of the other missionary workers was playing and started the fire.

The raft really did flip with people on it.

unitybridgeboat      unitybridgeboat2

Below are some pictures of Eli, Phil and Phil’s wife emily working on the bridge.

unitybridgeemilyphil    unitybridgephileli


Back home, Isaac (David) did not use a rocket to remove his tooth.   Actually he tried to do it using a nerf gun arrow but chickened out at the last minute!

David and Josh checking out their nurf gun 

Episode 11: Unity Bridge, Part 2


The large rock in the story really exists.


Prayer, fire, and hard work overcame this obstacle.


Below is the fire on the rock.


The chocolate chicken story really happened!


God blessed the Bridge project and today it meets the needs of the surrounding villages.  The people experienced the love of Christ through the team.




Soon after the bridge was finished, Sudan split into North and South Sudan. Yabus is now controlled by the North and the Faders needed to leave for their safety.  Let’s continue to pray for the people of Yabus.  Pray for the local Christians as they will likely face persecution for their faith.


Visit to get all the details about the unity bridge.

Want to see what the Fader family is up to today?  Visit their blog.

We encourage you to pray for the Faders as they continue to serve the Lord in Africa.  You can reach them at

Would you like to donate to the Faders family?  Click here to learn more.

Episode 12: The Calling


This episode wraps up Season One of the Brinkman Adventures.  Fame and fortune tempt the Brinkmans to forsake their call into missions.  While this has not happened to the real Brinkman family as depicted in the episode, it has happened and continues to happen to them (and all followers of Jesus for that matter) on a daily basis.  The world tries to distract Believers from God so we must constantly be on our guard.

In episode 12 the family serves at New Beginnings Are Possible.

This ministry really exists in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  To learn more about them visit their website



Jeffery Becton currently leads this ministry.